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140412 // HYORIN

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One of those moments where I feel like SoYou’s vocals out shined Hyo’s vocals…

And I am unbelievably happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love SISTAR (#1 Girl Group).

Hyo is a great singer and wonderful performer…

But I feel like Soyou is her equal, yet tends to get over shadowed and it’s just not right to me *shrugs*

I’m not going through this again… I already wrote a long post about this before.

Just…go enjoy the video.


We are not watching the same video, Hyorin and JunK owned the song completely, Soyou started well but the middle and end was depressing, And her voice becomes very airy, she is not even close to Hyorin, NOT EVEN CLOSE, but has potential and she should practice her stage presence and stop making ALL THE PERFORMANCES sloppy and lazy dances, COMMON!!She can’t rely in Hyorin’s energy forever!!!!
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"We still don’t know love
You still need to experience it, you need to be in more pain
We still don’t know how to break up
You’re really a bad boy, you will regret this”

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Hyorin looking fabulous #sistar #lakoreafestival #lakpopfestival #kpopconcert #beautiful #fabulous #hyorin #starshipent

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Women according to Hyorin

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It’s bearable, it’s liveable
Because I loved you just until it didn’t hurt
But I still love you
It’s bearable, that’s what I say
But there are words I couldn’t say because of my pride
Let’s not break up
Cuz I still love you
It’s all a lie, I’m fine,
Even without you

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Hyolyn one way love fire red gifset

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 M Countdown [Hyolyn without you performance gifset]

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